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Soteria Financial Products & Services

A division of ADV Investments Limited, Soteria Financial has provided surety and guarantee services to clients since 2011.

Internationally licensed by the Dubai Investment Financial Commission & a member of the Abu Dhabi Global Market, Soteria Financial is built upon a stable capital base.  Since our inception, no member has lost any amount of capital due to default, nor have we defaulted on any policy.

In 2014 we expanded our product portfolio to offer protection products to brands, securities & consumers in the digital economy.  Since that time we have become the largest private blockchain loss insurer, with coverage extended to more than 4% of BTC in circulation.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that in order for the digital economy to be adopted by the majority of people on earth, solid protective products are required to build consumer confidence.  A healthy market for these products also ensures a robust & stable currency marketplace, thereby enhancing the appeal & function of the digital economy.

Our Offices:

We operate administrative offices in Dubai, London & New York City.

We operate trade offices in Abu Dhabi, Riga, Montreal, Los Angeles & Shanghai.

Our Record:

As a member of the ADV Investment group, Soteria Financial has experienced annual average growth of 15% since 2011.  Our debt to liability ratio has never exceeded 17:1 (30:1 is max allowed by international law) and our trade offices are fully-hedged members of the Global Wealth Fund.

The Soteria Financial Management Team

Sherman Patterson

Chief Executive Officer

A financial service industry legend, Mr. Patterson has served as an executive for investment & retail banks, hedge funds & international insurance conglomerates.

Neil Simpson

Chief Operating Officer

After spending 25 years on Wall Street as Director of Trading for Rothschild LLP, Mr. Simpson joined Soteria Financial in 2014 to oversee the expansion into the digital economy.

Alex Taylor

Chief Corporate Counsel

A Yale graduate, Mr. Taylor blends a legal background with his specialty in SPV markets & products in order to provide expert guidance to Soteria Financial as we innovate the surety products of the future.

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